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Studies have shown the most effective way for students to retain information is to SEE IT, HEAR IT and DO IT! MATH-CABULARY™ is a multi-sensory program developed with this in mind that focuses on building the foundation crucial to successfully  understanding math – VOCABULARY! HOW IT WORKS: 1. Students watch entertaining 3 to 5-minute DVDs that define key math vocabulary terms using mnemonic devices 2. Students apply the terms through workbook exercises and teacher-guided activities. 3. Students do quick and entertaining self-check exercises in their workbook 4. Instructors use quizzes to verify student understanding of math vocabulary. Each DVD/CD Package includes: • 20 entertaining and educational video programs on DVD. • Printable Student Workbooks that supplement the DVD programs • Printable Teacher's Guide providing learning activities and Answer Keys • Quizzes and Answer Keys for student evaluation • Additional print materials needed for exercises The MATH-CABULARY™ program was developed to function as a stand-alone instructional program for the classroom. However, it can easily be adapted to supplement your current curriculum and has been successfully utilized for both home-school small group and individual  applications. For A Limited Time Each Level of MATH-CABULARY™ is available at an introductory sale price of $35.00!